Being A Good Girlfriend

Being a good girlfriend is treating your man the way you want to be treated. It’s the whole Golden Rule Thing.

For something that seems so simple and easy dating and relationships are not the easiest activity to partake in! They require time, energy and some emotional investment on both partners.They require a basic understanding of the fundamentals of communication, honesty and empathy.

While encouraging you to treat your boyfriend how you want to be treated, that’s a generalization. We all have different quirks and desires. You might love kissing in public, while he hates it. So don’t kiss him more because that’s how you want to be treated.

Being in a serious relationship we don’t have all the answers. Still I know that my boyfriend, holds a high standard for himself when it comes to being a good boyfriend just by the way he loves me. And I also always try to be a better girlfriend.
However, a successful partnership requires both people holding themselves accountable while also sharpening one another and helping one another grow. There are times my boyfriend let’s me down and I’m sure there have been times I let him down.

I always make him know how much I appreciate him, and how special he is to me. I behave like his personal cheerleader. When he get some big opportunity, I always in the front row cheering for him. If he’s going through something tough, I always be the shoulder he lean on.

Sometimes when my boyfriend and I get an argument, I have to take some space to collect my thoughts. Even when I’m still angry, I try to take a minute to send him a text and tell him that I still love and cherish him.

When I take a moment to collect myself and then approach him with a calm and even encouraging word, both of our anger subsides and we resolve the issue faster and more effectively.

If you’re wondering what it takes on, how to be a good girlfriend coming on too strong or seeming desperate, take a look:

  • Trust Him

Put your feelings aside because there were people in their lives before you and they will continue to be in their lives, assuming these are people close to your partner. So even if you don’t like some of them or even one, get over it. Be accepting and warm. Realize that he’s not the guy broke your heart in the past. He’s not guilty of past transgressions. So trust him a little let him in.

  • Give Him Space

Remember, he needs his alone time too. There are women who have trouble with accepting the fact that men sometimes need their space. And yea, they may brush that need aside when you first start dating either they’re so excited to spend all their time with you or because they worry that they’ll put you off with that need to be apart from you. But as you settle into a relationship, they get more comfortable letting you know that they need space. If you really want to work on how to be a good girlfriend, give him that space when he needs it. Don’t take it personally, use that time to be by yourself or with your friends.

  • Compliment Him

One of the best ways you can encourage him is to encourage him publicly. Show the world you’re proud who he is. If you don’t really feel proud of who he is and can’t do this genuinely, you may want to reconsider the relationship. You should be proud of your man and he should be proud of you! Don’t be afraid to make this known.

Being a good girlfriend doesn’t take a lot, but it requires you to pay attention and open to learn.

A lesson on self-love

“It’s time to fall in love with yourself”

Today, you’ll met with a positive, childish, and confident woman. I find myself now has not been easy one.

If feel like you are bored with life or not doing what you should be doing with it then it is time to make a change.

There are some days we forget to put ourselves first. It’s easy to forget about you. Loving yourself is definitely an art that many of us have not mastered even for those that have “mastered” it, self love is a continuous progress.

Everyone battles with self-love, I am still battling it myself. But I know the importance of practicing it. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we certainly possess the resources to work on improving ourselves. There are many girls including myself, who compare ourselves to other women. We believe they’re prettier, smarter, or more popular. The trouble is that you’re so used to being you that you can’t see yourself the way that the rest of the world sees you.

You are smart, you are funny, you are brave, and you are brilliant. You are magic and you are raw beauty. Each of us is unique and has specific talents and abilities to offer.

And yes there going to be bad days when you hate the world , hate how you look and feel and just want to hide under the duvet. And that’s completely cool. We are all simply human beings navigating this crazy thing called life.

We only get one shot par living our lives. One chance, one opportunity to make a difference, chase our dreams. The only person we truly need to love is ourselves. Embrace every imperfections you have.

If ever you are in need of love, look within you. Everything you could ever need has been waiting patiently in your heart all along. Be positive, and by living a positive lifestyle, you’ll be happier all around as a person. Just be what you are.

Where I See Myself In 10 Years …?

So let’s start where I am now: I am currently 21 years old, a final year student in a media university. It’s about two months more and I’ll be Graduate. So basically I’m living in a world of amazing, terrifying potential.

Recently, one of my professor asked in class “Where do you see yourself in 10 years.” When I think about where I will be in 10 years there is definite uncertainty. I’ll be 31 years old which means I could be a Radio jockey or Video jockey or a event planner, a dedicated wife, well settled, rich, or poor but the thing I will be is a better person. If I can get myself to the point where I can be self-employed through my 20s then that is what I want to do. My biggest fear is putting my bucket list until it’s too late and then never getting to see my dreams come true.

In 10 years I hope to have had spent a good part of my twenties spending my traveling- there is so much I want to see; I’d love to have epic road trips across and around the world.

I love improving myself and I cannot wait how much I can do in 10 years. I wish that I’ll be healthy and happy. I would love to also be in a good shape- shopping my food from whole foods and doing dancing and gym as my hobbies.

You may say I’m a dreamer but this is how I like to imagine where my life is going to go.

The Qualities A Modern Girl Should Have

What is more fun that being the best version of your feminine design and expressing with grace to the world?

Being a modern girl you should have these qualities:

  • Be the girl who can take a compliment graciously.
  • Be the girl who sees the best in people but does not ignore the worst.
  • Be the realistic girl; the one who has reasonable standards and doesn’t compromise for them.
  • Be the girl who sees beauty in imperfection.
  • Be the girl who knows when to listen and when to speak.
  • Be the girl who can have a conversation with about anyone.
  • Be the girl who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself who still manages to pull off the worst of jokes and can effortlessly brighten a room with the sound of her laugh.
  • Be the girl who is humble in achievements.
  • Be the girl who is unafraid to sing at the top of lungs, even if it’s off key.
  • Be the girl willing to dance like an idiot without fear of what others will think.
  • Be the girl who is comfortable with silence.
  • Be the girl who is open book; the one who is ashamed of any past mistakes.
  • Be the girl who uses her hands and her words to heal rather than to harm.
  • Be the girl who is able to express herself in ways that words cannot.
  • Be the girl who looks for an equal romantic partner, not a superior or a subordinate.
  • Be the girl who gives her all in a relationship.
  • Be the girl who does not let past hurts affect a current relationship.

Distance Doesn’t Matter

You know what they say: “the best part of fighting is making up.” Well what about in long distance relationships? How can you make up properly when you’re mad as hell and many miles apart?

I would say communication is the most important thing in a relationship for many reasons.

I just want to share for a second that long distance is possible.
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and half. We both were in same university. I was a fresher and he was my supersenior. After completing graduation he shifted to Mumbai. We live and work in two different cities/states. Currently we see each other about twice a year, and it’s really hard for me to wait. We’re both the same age and our lives are pretty busy. We go through these rough patches when we get stressed out and wish we could be together physically. We text, call and sometimes video call each other but it’s like we still are not apart of each other’s live at all. Everytime we meet it feels special to me and we two share the best moments together. It breaks our heart everytime we have to separate but we put in mind that the next time we see each other, it will be worth it.

He always tells me how I made him a better person as well and makes me feel that he loves me and misses me everyday. But it is not perfect, we have our ups and downs but we never resolved it with breaking up. We always talk something is wrong and avoid to let each other go to sleep upset. I’m so grateful for him because it is not easy to love a person miles away and wait for months just to meet.

I just want to say, yes it is not easy and it takes a lot of work and commitment , as you probably know already, but with the right person, it is so worth it! I am lucky to have such a great person in my life. He is my best friend, my gem, my rock, my inspiration, my soulmate- all rolled into one. I could go on and on about it but I’m ending it here.

My Bucket list

Things to do before you die

The bucket list is a list of things as in experiences or achievements you want to accomplish in your lifetime. This is my personal bucket list which is fully packed with the things to do before you die. And I will keep updating my bucket list as I do them and add new ones as I go.

  1. Create a cocktail
  2. Fly in a hot air balloon
  3. Go la tomatina festival
  4. Learn how to do a perfect pushups
  5. Run a marathon
  6. Learn to play chess
  7. Learn to juggle
  8. Become more confident
  9. Get a PhD
  10. Create a source of passive income
  11. Invest in the stock market
  12. Have a romantic picnic
  13. Go on road trip with my beasties
  14. Own a wooden house by a lake
  15. Drink a $1000 bottle of champagne
  16. Own a big farmhouse with so many pets
  17. Ride a sehwag
  18. Run through the sprinklers
  19. Have fun with a slip-n-slide
  20. Ride a zip line ride
  21. Fly boarding
  22. Get 10 tattoos at different parts of body
  23. Play with dolphins
  24. Bathe an elephant
  25. Play with panda
  26. Horseride
  27. Watch the sunrise & sunset in one day
  28. Name a star
  29. Make a snowman
  30. Kiss in the rain
  31. Stand under a waterfall
  32. Go on a blind date
  33. Go on a double date
  34. Once meet first love
  35. Cover the bed in rose petals
  36. Forgive someone
  37. Get engaged
  38. Propose someone
  39. Stay up all night talking
  40. Find my signature scent
  41. Find a perfect black dress
  42. Get a complete makeover
  43. Get a professional body massage
  44. Have a facial
  45. Have a professional photoshoot
  46. Hit the town with bright red lips
  47. Wear colored contacts
  48. Toss pizza dough in the air
  49. A trip to switzerland
  50. Smash a guitar on stage
  51. Start a blog
  52. Smoke a hookah
  53. Invent something
  54. Perform a magic trick
  55. Build a house of cards
  56. Ride a roller coaster
  57. Get court marriage
  58. Visit a ghost place
  59. Go on a cruise
  60. Take a trip with family
  61. Live in a foreign country
  62. Ride a camel
  63. Fly a kite
  64. Build a tree house
  65. Bring meal to homeless people
  66. Donate books to poor children
  67. Donate clothing
  68. Write a love letter
  69. Buy a car
  70. Buy a diamond jewel
  71. Holiday trip to island
  72. Have children
  73. Dance in the snowfall
  74. Create a photo album
  75. Do prank with random people
  76. Adopt an animal
  77. Attend a music concert
  78. Sing loudly and badly
  79. Take boyfriend to beach vacation
  80. Share an icecream cone on a date
  81. Learn hip-hop dance
  82. Create a loving house
  83. Build a campfire
  84. Eat a whole pizza
  85. Take a self defense course
  86. Travel alone
  87. Dance with boyfriend
  88. Learn to play an instrument
  89. Travel the world with life partner
  90. Go skiing
  91. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
  92. A trip to himalaya
  93. Watch a dancing peacock
  94. Crazy photoshoot with partner
  95. A room full of photographs
  96. Play videogame with boyfriend
  97. Sleep under the stars
  98. Dance on the beach
  99. Fly a drone
  100. Go skateboarding
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